Chornobyl is not only a problem. It is an opportunity 


What has Chornobyl become in 35 years?


A unique environment for exploring the last remnants of the European forest and its inhabitants


Industrial zone for implementing large-scale investment projects, in particular, in the areas of renewable energy and waste processing


Space for research campaigns and expeditions


Tourist hub: green tourism, cultural tours, scientific and educational projects, trips to an abandoned city


The world-largest monument to the consequences
of the totalitarian regime


A unique cultural code for artistic rethinking


Apocalyptic landscape of the XXI century

Safe duration of the visits


Up to 5 days

Tourist demand (80% - foreigners)


46 thousand


72 thousand


125 thousand

Area of Chornobyl Exclusion Zone


2600 km2 / 1615 sq. miles

This is 25 times the area of Paris.

Presidential program


In 2020 Ukraine began its large-scale infrastructure development.


The top priority is accessibility. 


Ukravtodor (Ukrainian roads agency) has restored the road from the entry point Dityatki to Pripyat and Chornobyl.


By 2023, all major roads leading to the primary locations of the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone, will be rebuilt.

What the exclusion zone can offer to potential investors


Energy and waste management

In 2018, the first solar power plant opened in the zone - Solar Chornobyl. Currently, an area of 25 with significant potential for expansion has been allocated for wind and solar power plants. 


The options are being considered for building waste processing plants, and creating facilities for the disposal of hazardous waste.


Tourist infrastructure

From 2015 to 2019, the number of visitors increased almost 16 times and reached 125,000 visitors per year in the pre-pandemic period.


Currently, the basic tourist infrastructure of Chornobyl has only 1 hotel and several stores. Given that all tourist locations of the Zone can not be visited in one day, there is a demand for modern hotel and entertainment infrastructure.


Research and development

The closed area with unique conditions of long-term isolation and limited access, where flora and fauna have been subjected to persistent pollution.


A region with a set of man-made and natural parameters that has no analogues in the world.


The hub of the experience gained during 30 years of scientific and applied research.


Art and social projects

The rethinking of the Chornobyl tragedy in Ukraine in 2020 prompted the launch of an international opera project "Chornobyldorf." 


The project is currently being transformed into a large-scale interdisciplinary performance involving artists, philosophers, culturologists and historians from around the world. 


Film production

Over the last 3-4 years, Ukrainian market of video production and visual effects has reached the world level. its competitive advantage includes price and quality of resulting projects.


The Chornobyl Exclusion Zone is a location that allows to implement historical, futuristic and post-apocalyptic plots.


Currently, the cash rebate base for this project is under development.


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